Pertanyaan Yang Sering Ditanyakan

some spanish wine : valdeorras is a small area in the east of galicia and its fresh-tasting reds - made from the native mencia grape - are highly recommended. toro produces extremely powerful reds - using a mutation of tempranillo. campo de borja wines - made from the garnacha grape - must attain a minimum 13% alcohol content, resulting in some stunningly alcholic reds! la mancha - located in arid plains stretching from madrid to valdepeñas - produces classy reds from the cencibel (tempranillo) grape. valdepeñas is famed for tempranillo reds that have been cask-aged and labelled "reserva" or "gran reserva". oakey and full-flavoured. rioja is one of the best-known areas for wine. its red wine has a thick, creamy texture and fruity flavour. grape varieties of this region, production methods and names of wine are too many to list, but a good guide to quality is the length of time matured. i think fine wine is the best